About AEAA

Welcome to the Australian Entertainment Agents Association Website. This site provides a range of valuable information pertaining to hiring and providing entertainment within Australia, including a listing of our association guidelines for entertainers, employers and agents, a membership listing and contact details of members, and an application form to join the association.

The Role of the AEAA

AEAA sets out to achieve the following:

  1. To establish and maintain a Code of Ethics for professional entertainment agents in Australia.
  2. To provide a “seal of approval” to enable clients be they promoters, performers or members of the broader community, to identify reputable agencies.
  3. To provide an independent forum to mediate disputes brought before the Association by members, performers or employers of entertainers.
  4. To regularly meet to discuss relevant issues within the entertainment industry.
  5. To encourage co-operation between employers, entertainment agents and between the performers they represent in Australia, for the benefit of the industry as a whole.
  6. To represent the views, wishes and needs of the entertainment agencies in dealing with other bodies, including the Media and various State and Commonwealth Government bodies such as; The Commissioner of Taxation, The Departments of Consumer Affairs, Employment and Industrial Affairs and Immigration.

We look forward to looking after your information requirements via this site, but if you need further information, please Contact Us.