Artists Paying GST

As agents we all have the challenge with artists not informing us of their correct GST status. Some charge GST and don’t put it on their quotes.

Some quote a price and state that it is GST inclusive. When we ring them and ask if they are GST registered and lodge a BAS statement, they say no.

After all this time many artists still need to be educated about GST.

What is the agent’s responsibility??

Some may say it is the responsibility of the artist (supplier). The ATO expects agents to check the artists ABN number for validity and here we would find out if they are GST registered

Good thing to do is send out an email to all your artists and ask for their GST status – whether they are GST registered or not. Being entertainers, not all will reply and so you may need to do some individual checks as well.

We need to do whatever it takes to allow the booking process to run smoothly and not waste our time.

When GST registered acts quote a price, it must be GST inclusive. This is Law. As agents we must also quote prices inclusive of GST where applicable.

Eg: Our price will be $1.045 ($950+GST).

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