Victoria Rocks Announcement

As part of the 2007-08 state budget, Victorian Minister for the Arts Lynne Kosky today announced Victoria Rocks, a Bracks Government election commitment as part of the Creative Capacity + policy, designed to support the growth and viability of the state’s local music industry.

The commitment will draw together expertise from three areas of government, – Arts Victoria, Office for Youth and Tourism Victorian – to support pathways for young people and professional musicians at different stages of career development. The sector’s creativity and potential for growth will also be supported by strengthening its position in the local and international contexts.

The package builds on the earlier initiative Music for the Future, which was managed by Arts Victoria until it’s conclusion in 2005, and enables continuation of the FreeZACentral program managed by the Office for Youth. Also, it introduces several new elements to strengthen links between music and industry development including campaign delivery by Tourism Victoria to promote Melbourne as the nation’s capital for live contemporary music.

Extensive consultation with musicians and key music industry representatives has already commenced to ensure the package to meets the current and future needs music community.

Further details including the application criteria and closing dates for the first round of funding will be announced in early July 2007.

Please see media release attached:


Jonathan Williamson
Senior Arts Officer – Victoria Rocks

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